RP3 Leaderboard

How to submit your time

To create an eligible time for the leaderboard, you need to be logged in to the RP3 rowing app on iOS or Android. From the app execute an interval training containing the target category you want to rank in; e.g. create a training of a single 2k interval in the app to rank in the 2k category.

While executing your attempt make sure you have selected the RP3 split (i.e. 4x and 90kg) as configuration; this is the default setting.

After your attempt has succesfully been uploaded to our servers we will automatically judge it to make sure it is eligible for our leaderboard. If this is the case a suggestion will be given to submit it to the leaderboard.

Tip! If you use our email functionality to email your workouts to your inbox you can add those workout to your account using the "Add to profile" button in the bottom left after which we will start judging it immediately.

Judging entries

Data integrity and trustworthy entries are top priority for RP3, to ensure this we have several mechanisms to make sure every leaderboard entry is valid.

When submitting a time through the app our servers will verify the machine configuration as well as other variables. Furthermore, every entry will have the original detailed stroke data attached as documentation of the performance for RP3's team to review.

For manually entered times a member of RP3's team will have verified either being present at the actual rowing performance in person or judged the submitted data.